Mistakes first time Boston condo sellers need to avoid

Selling a Boston condo can be challenging experience and it can be particularly confusing experience if you have never sold a Boston high rise condo before. Many inexperienced Boston condo sellers sellers may run into a few blunders which can cost them thousands of dollars. Boston first tine condo sellers need to avoid these mistakes.

Pricing a Boston condo too high

Most Boston condo sellers to buyers will attempt to negotiate prices downward and they over compensate by pricing their Boston condo too high. This usually backfires because with the internet buyers usually search properties within their price range. If you price it to high these potential buyers may never see your Boston condo for sale.

Skipping staging and cleaning

The thought of having to spruce up the Boston condo may seem inconvenient. But it will be a necessity if you want to sell your Boston condo. In a  recent study from NY Times those sellers who sold their home that was staged sold 3-4% higher price then those who skipped the staging process.

Not being flexible for showings

You or your broker must be flexible in scheduling showings and even do a showing is inconvenient.

Not doing repairs

In this Boston high rise condo market, most buyers are wary of anything that will be high maintenance. If you want to sell your Boston condo quickly, you need to make the repairs. Today’s buyers want to move in quickly with no problems to address (turnkey).

Putting your Boston condo on the market at the wrong time

Trying to sell your Boston high rise condo in the summer or winter is a huge mistake. If you want to sell your Boston condo quickly or have a pool of motivated buyers the Fall and Spring is the best time to place your Boston condo for sale.



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