Boston Real Estate for Sale

Mo Vaughn is a big hit in the Big Apple for buying up run-down residential properties and cleaning them up. It’s a highly laudable venture.

But what’s up with Mo dissing Boston? From the ex-Sox slugger:

I always felt – it’s like coming to New York to play, you’ve got to play well in New York – it’s the biggest place,” Vaughn says. “If you have a chance to do business, you do it there. That was my mindset – not Boston, not California. New York City. If you can do it, you do it in the biggest place – the best place.”

Maybe his car wash idea didn’t pan out in Attleboro. Does anyone know if it ever got built? He’s also purchased property in Lawrence. And what’s he doing buying property in the South Bronx? That’s Yanks territory. The Mets are in Queens.

But no grudges. It’s all for the good if he’s helping people find decent homes.

File under: Go Mo!

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