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monolopyOne of the first games I remember playing as a kid was Monopoly. It was just a game. I got to roll the dice. I got to pass “Go” , and every time I did I got 200 bucks. I bought property, built on it, and rented it out. Maybe once or twice did I get foreclosed on. All and all, it was just fun. But according to USA Today the game is actually played for real money:

“A lucky swap and some eager building propelled a 19-year-old Norwegian student to the top of board game fame and sent three would-be tycoons to the poor house at the Monopoly World Championship in Las Vegas……Knappskog won $20,580 in real money for the title — the total amount in the bank of a standard Monopoly game.”

Not a bad day’s pay for playing a game.

I wonder how he would fare in the real world.

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