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More bad news on the local economy. The Boston Herald reports about a 20+ year old architectural company fighting for survival as a result of the downturn in the real estate and construction sectors.

Excerpts for the Boston Herald:

Cubellis, one of Boston’s largest architectural and design firms, was fighting for its survival yesterday …

Once employing more than 400 people around the globe, the firm is now down to 170 workers, Cubellis confirmed.

Headquartered on Summer Street in Boston’s Fort Point Channel district, Cubellis has 11 satellite offices, including one in Dubai, the debt-ridden Middle East city now on the financial ropes.

I always find it disturbing to read stories such as this. I guess these are just the signs of the times. The big question: how many more local companies will fall?

File Under: Falling falling falling just like a domino.

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