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My Boston Condo Broker New Years Resolutions

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This year was a tough year many Boston condo agents, and about the best we can say is that we survived. But here’s the bad news, it’s going to get worse in 2023 because there’s just not aren’t Boston condo sales listings to go around.  The conditions next year will force many agents into early retirement – why keep paying your dues if there’s not much hope?

Here’s my Boston condo broker hope for 2023

Boston condo brokers, we can’t ignore the current predicament and keep doing the same things you’ve done the last 5-10 years.  We need to do better to prosper. The industry as a whole (including me) has to do better.

Here are my 2023 resolutions for me and hopefully for all agents:

Publish relevant data on Boston Real Estate Blog posts that’s easy for Boston condo buyers and sellers to digest. Come up with unique data, something juicy that makes a difference, instead of the usual agent blather that are on most real estate blogs.

Add more sale numbers, printing the number of sales is important, but I’m also going to try to add my opinion on what it means – to all brokers, your readers want to hear your interpretation of the data and they will spend a minute or two to digest it.

I’m committed in 2023 to provide buyers and agents with a walk-through video of my listings. I think Boston homebuyers will appreciate the ability to preview homes in advance by video, which will save buyers time if it isn’t a fit. Let’s all brokers and agent upgrade our services in 2023!

We will be having HALF the normal number of sales in the early months of 2023. If we’re not doing it better, then these conditions will persist, and could go on for years.

Every day, we are getting closer to the end.  Let’s all brokers and agents give it everything we got starting in 2023!

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