One of the first phones I used while growing up in Yorktown Hts., NY was a yellow rotary phone that hung up in the corner of our kitchen for most of the 70″s til our family moved in late 1970’s to Somers, NY.

I looked up that phone online recently and saw one was selling for $224.00 on Amazon. Tempted to buy it, I didn’t.

Despite my affection for the phones of the past, in my profession its necessary to have a smartphone, but I must confess I still prefer to access the internet on my Dell desktop computer.

The reason I bring this up, I was going to buy my 84 year old father the Jitterbug flip phone. (You must of seen those ads the phones for elderly people, sorry if that’s not political correct).  Anyway, I’ll never forget my fathers reaction: “John, that phone is for old people, why would I want that….plus your brother just bought me the Apple iphone XS Max.”

The point is, whether you have the latest version of the iphone or you have my moms future jetterbug flip phone. I hope you view the latest Boston downtown real estate condos for sale on your cell phone

Boston downtown real estate for sale under $2M

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