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What’s today’s temperature 90 or perhaps 100 degrees?

Let me tell you a short story:

Today, like every Saturday I Jumped on my bike and started my 5 mile bile ride from Lexington Center to the Alewife train station (a.k.a The T). My final destination was to my beloved Boston Beacon Hill.

Before leaving my home I watched the local Fox news and they mentioned we all should stay home because of the above average temperatures.

Weather men are like economists:

Nah! I jumped on my bike and sped forward to Alewife T. Life can’t be learned or enjoyed sitting at home

The journey is half the fun:

One of the the things that I love about my solitude bike ride from Lexington to Alewife is my moments of thought – what I mean by that is how I enjoy reflecting on how blessed I am.

A boring work day:

Nothing terrible exciting happened today. But sometimes that’s how the Boston downtown real estate goes.

Stopping at a Chinese restaurant:

As I was ordering my take out food I was lucky enough to be engaged in a conversation with a nice Arlington couple that sells real estate.

Normally, I work in a very protective field where real estate secrets are not readily shared.

But I decided to break the rules, and tell them some of my Google search engine secrets. With expecting nothing in return. Was that a prudent idea? Most of my competitors would say not.

But If I gained a friend or two from it…was it worth it?


One advantage of being closer to the end of your career than the beginning, is that you become less selfish, and at some point helping others becomes a greater commodity than money.

I also hope, unlike today’s weather outside, my temperature to help my fellowman never cools off. 

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