A few days after the Parkland High School shooting, I conducted a showing and my client asked me if I read the Wall Street Journal editorial (Responding to Parkland, WSJ 2/16/18) I told them I didn’t, but I’ll make a point to look it up.  I’ve learned the hardway that it’s best to stay clear of politics when conducting a Boston condo showing.

A day after the showing, my client put a low offer on the Boston condo. With the seller’s agent help we went back and forth for several days to iron out the price with the seller. It was a tough hall, but we finally came up with an agreed upon price and terms and signed the Offer. And thankfully, both parties were both very satisfied

On average 14, 207 homes sell daily in this country. Buyers and sellers who are looking out for their best interest come together on agreed upon price and terms on selling/purchasng a single-family home/condo. Even when they start off so far apart.

How does this relate to gun control?

It is past time for us to come  together around reasonable restrictions and possession of firearms. Unless the Second Ammendment to our Constitution is repealed, there is no reasonable foundation for believing that the abolishment of privately owned firearms will ever take place. Hunting and target practice will not be impaired if average citizens are prevented from purchasing and owning automatic or semi-automatic weapons more suited for combat than recreational use.

Bottom line. Enacting a mutual and reasonable agreement with two parties can take place in both gun control and selling a Boston condo.

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