Negotiating your way through a Boston condo sale

As a Boston Seaport condo seller, you want to get the most money for your home. However, do you know what you need to do during the negotiation process to achieve the highest dollar success?

The art of negotiation may be a complicated one. Will you get the most for your money? Will you do what is needed to ensure a quick sale? Will you scare off the buyer with stiff demands and very little flexibility?

Most Boston seaport condo sellers want to close on their homes in a reasonable amount of time. They also want to get the most for their money. The following tips will help you accomplish both of these so you can sell your home and move on:

1.     Don’t dismiss a low-ball offer 

Many Boston condos sellers make the mistake out of dismissing a low-ball offer all together. Sure, some buyers are simply looking for a steal, but others may simply be testing the waters. If you counter off with another offer that is far off their original offer, you will be sending a message that lets the buyers know that you will not entertain such an offer, but you will also still be willing to keep the lines of the negotiation open.

2.     Remain flexible and calm –

The easiest way to blow a negotiation is to lose your cool and become inflexible. Remember, Boston Seaport condo buyers don’t owe you anything in the form of good behavior, and you may very well end up negotiating with difficult buyers. It is therefore important to maintain your composure and your patience so you can see through a difficult negotiation process.

3.     Use the expertise Realtors real estate agent 

Now is the best time to listen to the advice of your Boston downtown real estate agent. Backed with comparable sales data and market knowledge, along with years of experience negotiating home sales, simply listen to what he or she has to say so that you can make the best decision regarding the negotiation process.

4.     If the deal is close, don’t lose it over the details –

If you are close to a deal, but the buyer is demanding something small (like your outdoor deck chair, for example), remember that it is usually always best to give in and move on. After all, it usually never makes sense to lose a deal over the small stuff!

The negotiation process can be emotional, but by seeing the big picture, you will benefit in the end. 

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