I’m in NYC overnight. It is a ghost town in Times Square, due to the stagehands fight.

I’m not a big supporter of unions, per se. Or, more accurately, I should say I’m not a big supporter of a lot of unions’ rules which in this day and age seem less about “equality”, “fairness” and “safety” than about fat paychecks.

At least, this is true with most of the union rules governing most of Broadway. I know this only from reading a lot about them over the past couple of decades.

I’m certainly not one to criticize others for making as much money as they can, but I also believe that a lot of the things that happen these days just aren’t “fair”.

The Broadway producers wish to change the rules governing the pay structure of the stagehands. Basically, taking money out of their pockets. That’s pretty ballsy!

However, I totally support them, based on what I know of the outstanding issues.

I don’t know much about the Writer’s Guild strike, on the other hand. The outstanding issues, however, didn’t seem serious enough to warrant a complete work stoppage. I mean, really.

I had little patience for all of the Major League Baseball strikes over the past twenty years. I gave up on the sport in 1994. (Yes, I didn’t watch any of the 2004 or 2007 World Series. Sorry Dad!).

Coal miners striking in order to keep from getting “black lung” is one thing.

Stagehands striking in order to keep collecting pay for four hours when they are only needed for one hour, is another.

** Apparently, the slowdown on Broadway hasn’t gotten in the way of me enjoying a couple of dirty martinis in mid-afternoon.

UPDATE: Last night at The Ritz after-party, held appropriately at The Ritz bar, rumor was that the strike was to be called off. And, it turned out to be true! The union and producers have come to an agreement. Broadway will be lit, this evening!

Fans of Ashley Angel Parker and Lance Bass, rejoice!

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