For us unfortunate one’s that don’t have a concierge in our Boston condo or apartment, fear not, Amazon has a solution for us. Its called Hub.
Amazon is inviting property managers to apply to install Hub delivery lockers in their lobbies.

Amazon is expanding its delivery locker concept into Boston apartment & condo lobbies, with a twist: the new lockers will accept packages not just from Amazon but from any sender, shipped via any carrier, according to the company.

The new initiative, called Hub, is a notable expansion of Amazon’s delivery infrastructure beyond its own e-commerce operations.  Designed as an alternative to receiving packages from Amazon at home or work.

Amazon is inviting Boston property owners and managers to apply to have a Hub locker in their lobbies.

As shown on the Amazon video above, the Hub lockers sport the Amazon smile but not the company’s name.

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Updated March 2018

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