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In lots of condo buildings, valet parking is considered a mark of luxury. But depending on the valet it can also be annoying when you’re not in the mood for interacting with other people. There’s always the question of how much to tip. And what I hear from those living at the Boston Ritz towers sometimes you have long waits to get your car. Anyway, the developers of a luxury high-rise condo building in Philadelphia, called 1706 Rittenhouse Square, are actually bragging that they won’t have valets and will use a robot parking system instead.

From the 1706 Rttenhouse web site:

A state of the art automated parking system designed by Wöhr, allowing residents to retrieve their vehicles in minutes without the assistance of a valet. This automated, mechanical parking system is underground and utilizes computer-controlled, robotic transport devices with vertical and horizontal movement capability to transport vehicles from the street level to a storage compartment and back without human intervention. To retrieve their vehicle, the patron presents their electronic card on the elevator going to the lobby and the vehicle is automatically delivered to the entry/exit compartment at street level.

To view how it works click on the link 1706 Rittenhouse. Once on the homepage click on luxury and then click parking. I was very impressed on how it works.

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