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I had a conversation last night, she was a well educated professional and the subject was regarding the real estate market. The conversation was very pleasant, but she had one flaw that irritated me. She would always jump to conclusions before investigating all the possibilities.

I agreed with her that the COVID-19 has had an impact on the Boston real estate market and in particular the Boston condo market and the Beacon Hill apartment rental market. But the real estate market is NOT on some inevitable road to Armageddon.

After going through the latest job numbers, the retail sales numbers that even impressed most economists, along with other economic indicators that would impact the Boston condo for sale market. She began to see the Boston real estate market in a new light.

I must confess its easy to jump to conclusions without reviewing all possibilities. I’m reminded of a blog post that Seth Godin wrote:

I tried to recharge the lithium battery that works with my drill. After twenty minutes, the charger said the battery had failed.

Fortunately, I have a second battery. I put that into the charger and it also showed a failure.

Neither battery had failed. The charger had.

Boston Real Estate for Sale

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