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Of course, I was just joking when I suggested that the NorthPoint condo project was in danger, yesterday.

Here are more details on what happened:

In a ruling that could have ramifications for several Bay State waterfront developments, the state’s highest court has ordered the developers of the 48-acre North Point mixed-use project in East Cambridge to seek a license under Chapter 91, which governs development in tidelands.

The ruling, which could delay construction and prompt legislative hearings on the $2-billion project, found that the state Department of Environmental Protection exceeded its authority when it granted the developers an exemption from the waterways statute.

Presumably, any construction already completed or under construction (including the first two residential buildings, Sierra and Tango), would be exempt from any future restrictions or rulings.

It’s bizarre that the judge in the case felt the way he did, seeing as the project is being constructed 1,500 feet from land-locked tidelands and not near coastal waterways, but, whatever.

It’s kind of funny that the two articles I read say that no one from the developer would comment about the controversy, whereas I got a phone call from a company principal, last evening.

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