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Even in your wildest dreams, you couldn’t imagine something like this happening:

From the forum:

Re: NorthPoint Cambridge

I recently spoke to someone who works indirectly with this project. He told me that One Earhart has been completed for over 5 months and is still unoccupied. Two Earhart would’ve been completed around the same time but during construction, there was a massive flood on the twelfth floor that caused millions of dollars worth of damage to the 5 floors beneath it. Work is still being done on Two Earhart and it should be finally completed within the next several weeks or so. Construction of the park has been put on hold for the time being while the project is stuck in legal limbo, but he said it is expected that work will resume sometime this summer.

He also told me that the Cambridge Housing Authority has agreed to purchase 50-something units in One Earhart that will then be made available to section 8 and low-income families. This struck me as particularly hard to swallow, but he assured me that he had heard it straight from someone on the development team.

The chances of that happening seem so slim as to be near impossible. But, stranger things have happened in life, right?

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