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Every night, I stop to pick up a couple of cookies at Francesca’s, a coffee-shop / cafe, here in the South End.

Tonight, I placed my order with one of the regular servers. “Three chocolate-chip cookies, please.”

Another server walked over.

“Did you know that if you buy six, there’s no sales tax?”



“There’s no sales tax, if you order six.”

“Why is that, you are having a special?”

“No, it’s always like that.”


“I don’t know … something to do with it being a packaged meal, or something …”

I told him I couldn’t possible order six cookies, because it would throw off my schedule, and because I’d undoubtedly eat more than three, in one serving, and that basically he should stop trying to up-sell me, and walked out.

But, anyway … is that true?

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