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From today’s Herald:

It’s headed nowhere

Thanks for revealing that the NorthPoint project is little more than a huge public relations stunt (“Legal battle could mean NorthPoint’s headed south,� May 4).

Its development team has fallen apart with nothing accomplished – and that was after over six years free of any of the Chapter 91 tidelands regulatory constraints the developers recently lobbied to avert.

Ironically, it is for this smoke-and-mirrors project that Gov. Deval Patrick sacrificed his reputation, filing legislation to spare NorthPoint and other landlocked tidelands from Chapter 91 licensing to which the Supreme Judicial Court ruled them subject. Ironically too, his development advisers, both real estate lawyers involved in NorthPoint, did not inform him that the failing project was not worth squandering his political capital.

Perhaps if the project had undergone that public review process, some of the problematic issues might have been resolved to the benefit of the developer as well as the public.

– Shirley Kressel, Boston

My dear, you’re confused about a couple things.

This is a huge, $1 billion project, as planned. It took six years to get going because of its size and complexity. The project DID undergo a public review process. An exhaustive public review policy.

The courts originally decided that the project did not have to submit to a Chapter 91 review, for the simple reason that it’s not located on the water!

Only at the very last possible moment (actually, AFTER the last possible moment, since construction had already commenced on the first two buildings) did it encounter difficulty, when arrogant neighbors (neighbors being used loosely, since they live at least a half-mile away … across a six lane highway) were able to convince the courts to intervene. Although the project is over 1,000 feet from any river of any type (more like a stream), it’s now faced with regulations that will hamper, delay and perhaps rule out any further construction.

Don’t try to confuse people as to the issue.

I fully expect the project to continue, once the developer and owners work things out, in the court room.

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