Because there is so little real estate news out there, I’ll share “curiosities of the day” with you.

Apparently, the overweight and the obese live longer than “normal” weight(ed?) people.

According to the Times:

About two years ago, a group of federal researchers reported that overweight people have a lower death rate than people who are normal weight, underweight or obese.

Linking, for the first time, causes of death to specific weights, they report that overweight people have a lower death rate because they are much less likely to die from a grab bag of diseases that includes Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, infections and lung disease. And that lower risk is not counteracted by increased risks of dying from any other disease, including cancer, diabetes or heart disease.

Wait. Let’s read that again.

“Overweight people live longer because they are (much) less likely to die from some diseases which outweighs (lol!) the increased chance of dying from some other diseases.”


As regular readers of this blog know, I have often railed(?) about the dangers of adult-onset diabetes (it is one of the most-significant health problems facing most Americans).

Well, I guess you can ignore my rants.

Get thee to a cupcake bakery, now!

Source: Causes of Death Are Linked to a Person’s Weight – By Gina Kolata

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