Some OccupyBoston protesters in Dewey Square are packing up and getting ready to leave following Mayor Menino’s midnight deadline for them to leave the site. Some protesters are vowing to stay.

Let’s hope it ends peacefully. Let’s give the protesters credit for largely acting in a sincere and civil manner. Let’s give the city of Boston credit for showing restraint over the past two months. Let’s give the courts credit for carefully reviewing the case and then arriving at a common-sense conclusion that the city has the right to evict protesters after more than two months of 24/7 protests.

Everyone has largely handled themselves rather well.

So, again, let’s hope it ends well tonight.

File under: Peace

Update — Well, that was anti-climatic. The police allowed protesters to stay after midnight. Our sympathies/respect for the protesters are dwindling fast. They’ve been politely and clearly told to vacate Dewey Square. The courts have ruled they do not have an inherent right to be there. It’s almost as if they’re itching for a fight. Hopefully, the police won’t take the bait. They seem to be showing restraint.

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