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The other day, I took out a client to show Beacon Hill apartments for rent. Normally, I would hand this off to one of my agents, but apparently, they don’t like showing up for work anymore. Probably because of the Covid thing,

Anyway, one of the Beacon Hill apartments I wanted to show my client had a tenant still living in the unit, that I wasn’t aware of. Thinking the apartment was vacant, I still have several Beacon Hill apartments vacant from September, still, I knocked and walked in. This is where it gets embarrassing, an act was taken place on the couch, which I won’t describe, but let’s say I don’t think she was praying.

The Importance of Communication

My point of telling you this is I learned an important lesson about proper communication especially for a Beacon Hill real estate broker. I should have verified with the landlord that these Beacon Hill apartments were either vacant or not, and if not, I should have asked for the phone number of the tenants.

Short story (promise) on the importance of communication

The story goes that a prominent, married, philandering, wealthy real estate politician took advantage of a young female during an overseas visit. Shortly after his return home, he received a phone call at his office from the woman informing him that she was pregnant and that he was definitely the father.

Seemingly experienced at dealing with such situations, the politician instructed the young woman, “I will arrange for you and the child to be provided for. Do not worry about money. I will pay ten times the typical Italian settlement, but this must be kept secret.” For I’m running for re-election.

“I see,” said the young woman, a little taken aback, but since she knew the man and his reputation she was not unduly surprised and was also entirely happy never to see or speak to him again.

He went on, “Don’t ever call me again. Send me a postcard with some sort of coded message confirming the date of birth, that the child is healthy and whether a boy or girl. Use your imagination – and don’t make it obvious that my wife would know.

“As you wish,” said the young woman, and ended the call.

A little under nine months later the politician’s wife was opening his mail. When she came to a particular postcard the politician noticed and suddenly became attentive.

“Here’s a postcard…” said the politician’s wife.

“Oh yes,” said the politician, “What does it say?”

“Just a silly joke I think,” said his wife, continuing, as she watched the color drain from her husband’s face, “It says: ‘October 25th – Just had two big beautiful bowls of spaghetti – all with meatballs.’ “

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