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On Lexington Green: condos for sale

On Lexington Green: condos for sale

Luxury Condos for Sale in Lexington: Find Your Dream Home Now!

Imagine sinking into a plush, comfortable couch after a long day, looking out over an impeccable skyline as the sun sets, the golden hues of your personal sanctuary reflecting the perfect mix of comfort and luxury. Wouldn’t it be amazing if this place was your own? This vision isn’t just a dream anymore. With an array of luxury condos for sale in Lexington, you have the chance to live this reality every day. Let these architectural landmarks, etched with magnificence in every detail, become your new address where unmatched comfort meets supreme grandeur. Dive in now to find the luxury condo that’s perfect for you.

Our website features a diverse range of Lexington condominiums for sale, including newly constructed buildings as well as resale options. We also provide detailed information about each property’s location, amenities, pricing, and financing options so that users can make informed decisions about their purchase. We encourage prospective buyers to browse our listings and contact us directly with any questions or to schedule a viewing.

Understanding the Luxury Real Estate Market in Lexington

For many people, the words ‘luxury’ and ‘condominiums’ have been mutually exclusive for a long time. However, the global real estate market has undergone significant changes in recent years. The traditional constraints that govern what constitutes a luxury condominium are swiftly disappearing, opening up a world of possibilities for many who never thought such options were feasible.

A prime example of this shift is evident in the luxury real estate market in Lexington. In past years, this sector was limited to million-dollar houses and mansions on sprawling properties. However, there has been a notable uptick in the demand for luxurious condos amongst discerning homebuyers seeking an upscale lifestyle or investment opportunity.

One reason behind this shift may be attributed to the increasing prevalence of remote work opportunities. People no longer feel tethered to specific locations as they might have in prior decades. They seek flexible living arrangements with high-end amenities within close proximity to urban centers. All of which make Lexington condo offerings particularly attractive.

Additionally, one could consider how previously unforeseen levels of political instability and economic uncertainty across the globe have given rise to an influx of foreign buyers from far and wide looking for safe havens for both their money and property interests.

The Boston real estate market has consistently outperformed most other major cities over the past decade, according to global property consultancy Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). As Boston home sales are becoming more expensive and less affordable, it’s driving more buyers toward downtown city cores and suburban apartment towers.

This trend has pushed developers to build numerous breathtaking condos throughout Lexington with all the features and amenities that were once reserved only for houses.

Typical Features of Lexington Luxury Condos

The defining characteristics of luxury units vary widely; yet some aspects remain constant across all reasonable suppositions. Space is one of the most fundamental luxuries, and most luxury condos in Lexington incorporate an expansive floor plan. Most of these units boast at least two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and ample living space.

The Residences at Parkside in downtown Lexington, for instance, boasts over 2,600 square feet of living area. It includes parking underneath the building and access to a private elevator from the garage to each unit’s floor. All units feature exquisite finishes throughout with top-of-the-range appliances.

Amenities are a close second when it comes to luxury real estate features. Many high-end buildings, especially those catering to families, offer extensive wellness centers featuring gyms, pools, and spas. Some also incorporate on-site concierge services and even valet parking.

An example of such a facility is the Lumen Residences in Lexington Center, which offers a fully-featured gym competing with any other in Boston or Cambridge proper. The fitness center includes all the latest amenities such as Peloton bikes, free weights, treadmills, ellipticals and more.

Private outdoor living areas are another essential distinction that sets luxury condos apart from standard offerings. Patios, balconies or terraces are common features that allow residents to enjoy their scenic surroundings while relaxing outdoors.

In many ways then, purchasing a luxury condo is comparable to entering a spa-like oasis. After enduring Boston’s bustling streets or experiencing its climate extremes firsthand (from frigid winters to muggy summers), residents can find solace in their serene living spaces.

With an understanding of what typical features comprise Lexington’s luxury real estate market now established let’s take a closer look at where much of this upscale market exists in the city.

  • According to Zillow’s 2022 report, the median price of condos in Lexington was approximately $250,000.
  • The same report indicates that Lexington condominium listings increased by around 3.5% from the previous year.
  • A research conducted in 2023 found that, on average, properties on the market in Lexington stayed listed for about 50 days before they were sold.

Key Locations for Luxury Condos

When you are looking to purchase a luxury condo in Lexington, the location is crucial. Fortunately, this city boasts plenty of excellent locations where you can find the perfect luxury condo. These neighborhoods provide not only luxurious amenities but also convenience and comfort. Here are some of the key locations that you should consider.

First off, there’s the downtown area which has plenty of high-rise condos with beautiful views of the city skyline. This is a great option for anyone who wants to be close to nightlife, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Another popular location for luxury condos is Chevy Chase which offers a fantastic range of amenities including shopping centers, parks, and cultural attractions. It’s also very close to University of Kentucky campus, making it ideal for students or staff members who want to be within close proximity.

If you’re looking for somewhere a little quieter, then Hamburg could be an excellent neighborhood choice. It’s home to a variety of high-end condos that boast open floor plans and scenic views along with easy access to shopping centers and restaurants.

Finally, Beaumont is also a favorite location among buyers seeking luxury condos in Lexington. The area offers plenty of natural beauty and has many walking trails and parks nearby that make it easy to enjoy all that nature has to offer.

So whether you’re looking for an urban setting or suburban oasis, these key locations have lots to offer in terms of luxury living at its finest.

If I were looking for a luxury condo in Lexington, I would personally choose Chevy Chase as my preferred location. As a busy professional who enjoys running errands on foot instead of driving everywhere, the shopping options are second-to-none with so many stores within walking distance.

Regardless if you opt for downtown high-rises or suburban tranquility like Beaumont’s stunning landscape views from your balcony overlooking horse farms away from all the hustle and bustle, it really depends on your personal priorities, budget, and lifestyle.

With that being said, location is only one aspect you should consider when choosing a luxury condo in Lexington. Next, let’s explore the different types of luxury condos available in this city.

  • Location plays a crucial role when buying luxury condos in Lexington, and fortunately, this city has numerous excellent options to choose from. Downtown, Chevy Chase, Hamburg, and Beaumont are all popular choices that offer luxurious amenities, convenience, and comfort. Everyone’s priorities, budget, and lifestyle will differ, so it’s important to consider these factors before choosing a location. Nonetheless, Chevy Chase is a great option for busy professionals who enjoy walking to nearby stores and amenities. In the next step, exploring different types of luxury condos available in Lexington will be helpful.

Different Types of Luxury Condos in Lexington

Luxury condos come in various shapes and sizes in Lexington, which means there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes. Some are traditional, while others are modern, but all offer the best in comfort and facilities. Here are some of the different types of luxury condos that you can find in Lexington.

Penthouse Condos – Penthouse condos are typically found at the very top of high-rise buildings and feature expansive views of the city landscape or surrounding countryside. Buyers of these properties can expect to enjoy customized amenities such as private elevators, swimming pools, and even rooftop gardens.

Loft Condos – These modern units are characterized by their open-concept design and industrial-inspired interiors complete with high ceilings, exposed brick walls, and floor-to-ceiling windows offering plenty of natural light. They’re ideal for buyers who work from home or want to create a lush oasis.

Garden-Style Condos – Ideal for those who crave more outdoor space and enjoy a park-like setting where they can relax and unwind. Garden-style condos feature green spaces including walking trails through serene woodlands or community ponds for fishing or water activities after a long day at work.

Townhomes – Perfect for families interested in investing in luxury living. Located often within family-friendly neighborhoods they boast an array of shared amenities like community pools and playgrounds. This option offers privacy like single-family homeownership but without the maintenance required that comes with owning a private home.

Regardless of which type of luxury condo you choose, they all offer impressive features such as resort-style swimming pools, fitness centers, on-site security staffs, and concierge services to cater to residents’ needs. You can’t go wrong with any of these types of luxury condos in Lexington.

It’s like choosing a top-quality restaurant with multiple styles of cuisine. Some people may prefer high-end seafood while others might opt for an authentic Italian pasta dish. So, consider which type of luxury condo is best suited to your tastes, then sit back and enjoy the fabulous facilities and amenities that come with life in Lexington’s premier residences.

However, for some people, the cost of purchasing a luxury condo may be prohibitive. While it’s undeniable that these condos offer a long list of exclusive features and amenities, they also come with a price tag that can put them out of reach for many buyers. That being said, if you are willing to pay for quality living space within close proximity to excellent tourist spots or cultural attractions (and personalized care provided by professional management); then investing into one of these upscale condos could be worth it towards creating the lifestyle you desire.

With an impressive range of locations and types of condos available in Lexington, there’s sure to be at least one that meets your specific preferences. In the next section, we’ll look at tips on making a successful luxury condo purchase in this fantastic city.

Comparing the Types of Condos Available

When it comes to luxury condos in Lexington, there are various types to choose from. Each of these types has its own unique feature and appeal that may attract different buyers based on their preferences. In this section, we’ll compare the most common types of luxury condos available in the Lexington real estate market.

The first type is a new condo. These are properties that have been recently constructed in Lexington. They often feature modern designs and updated amenities that cater to current market trends. New condos also offer a wide range of floor plans and customization options for buyers who want to personalize their living spaces.

The second type is a pre-construction condo. These are condos that aren’t yet complete or move-in ready but are being sold by developers. Buyers can purchase these properties during the construction phase, typically with discounts or different incentives offered by the purchaser. Pre-construction condos usually come with more flexible payment plans and personalization options than those that have already been constructed.

Next up is converted condos. These are existing buildings that have been repurposed into luxury condominiums. Converted condos may include former warehouses, schools, and other structures that have undergone renovations to transform them into livable spaces. Think of it as “recycling” old buildings and turning them into something brand new.

Another type of luxury condo is the historic condo which is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a sense of history and character in your living space. These properties embody old-world charm and elegance while still having amenities such as gyms, pools, or parking spots fit for modern living standards.

In contrast to historic condos, there are also contemporary condos which offer sleek, minimalist interior designs and modern amenities suited for those who prefer a trendier style over classic looks.

With so many types of luxury condos available in Lexington, it can be overwhelming for homebuyers to choose which one to buy. But the good news is that you can take steps to help you make informed decisions.

Making Your Luxury Condo Purchase in Lexington

For starters, you should determine your buying criteria based on your lifestyle, budget, and preferences. Do you prefer a pre-construction condo with flexible payment plans or would you rather go for something finished and ready-to-move-in like a new condo? Are high-end amenities’ deal-breakers for you?

Another crucial factor to consider is the location of the condominium complex. If being close to the city center is important to you, downtown Lexington luxury condos such as those located in South Main Street or Broadway may be a better fit. On the other hand, if being surrounded by nature is more appealing, then complexes near Horse Country or Ashland Park could be a better choice.

You should also think about the resale value of the property. Purchasing a luxury condominium in a prime location and sought-after building means that when time comes to sell in the future, you have an opportunity to potentially make a profit on your investment.

While buying a luxury condo can be exciting, it’s also essential not to overlook potential risks that come with investing in real estate properties. It’s helpful to work with an experienced realtor who can advise you about market trends and fluctuations, any potential issues with certain condos and compliance notices, and applicable regulations.

By considering these factors as part of your decision-making process when purchasing a luxury condo in Lexington, you’re likely a lot closer to finding your dream home. So why not start exploring what’s available within our website?

Tips for Successful Luxury Condo Buying

Purchasing a luxury condo is an exciting venture, but it can also be a complex process. Given the high stakes and the many variables to consider, it is important to approach this purchase strategically in order to get the best possible outcome. In this section, we will outline some tips for successful luxury condo buying in Lexington that can help you navigate the market with confidence.

One of the key factors in purchasing a luxury condo is understanding your priorities. Sit down and make a list of “must-haves” versus “nice-to-haves,” so you have a clear sense of what you need from your new home. This will help guide your search and also ensure that you don’t waste time viewing properties that are not relevant to your requirements.

Another element to consider is location.

Lexington has many beautiful neighborhoods with their own distinct personalities, so it’s important to find one that resonates with you. For example, if you love being close to nightlife, consider looking in downtown Lexington. Alternatively, if you prefer quieter residential areas, look outside the center of town.

Of course, location considerations are not just about personal preferences – they also affect resale value. A well-located condo can appreciate more quickly than one in a less desirable spot, so it’s worth conducting research into the trends and projected growth rates before making a final decision.

Just as location is crucial, so is selecting the right real estate agent or broker. Think of them as your personal tour guide through the Lexington condo market. Choose someone who has experience working specifically with luxury properties and who has excellent knowledge of Lexington’s neighborhoods.

You want an agent who understands what it means to buy and sell high-end condos – someone who knows what questions to ask and how to find the right property to fit your needs. Be sure to ask for references and portfolios of past work before committing to working with any agent or broker.

Now let’s move on to the investment aspect of luxury condos.

The Investment Aspect of Lexington Luxury Condos

Luxury condos in Lexington are not only fantastic homes, but they can also be excellent investments. With sensible planning and a strategic approach, purchasing a luxury condo can provide both short-term enjoyment of the property and long-term return on investment (ROI).

One way to optimize your ROI is by getting pre-approved for a mortgage before you start your search. This allows you to look at properties within your price range and ensures that you won’t have any issues securing financing once you’ve found “the one.”

Of course, purchasing property always involves risk, so it’s essential to fully analyze all elements in order to make an informed decision about whether this type of investment is right for you.

To do this, gather data from multiple sources such as the current market conditions, historical trends in the area, specific condo amenities and upgrades offered, and projected future growth. Don’t just rely on one person’s opinion – obtain multiple perspectives so that you are better informed before signing any contracts.

It’s important to remember that investing in a luxury condo is not just about predicting what will happen in the future market. It’s also about enjoying the benefits of owning a beautiful home in an exceptional location. Always consider whether this is a place that you would enjoy living in as well as having as an investment asset.

Furthermore, engaging with a financial expert can be of immense help as he or she will be able to work with you one-on-one to determine risk tolerance while also identifying potential investments that might fit within these guidelines.

Ultimately, purchasing a luxury condo in Lexington is an exciting choice that comes with many considerations. By following the tips mentioned above and taking a strategic approach to the investment aspect of this decision, you can ensure that your purchase will provide many years of enjoyment as well as ROI.


New 30-unit condo development has broken ground in Lexington. (They have condos in Lexington, you ask? They do, now!)



Prices run from the high-$700’s to around $1.3 million.

Lexington Place at the Center is the new face of Green in Massachusetts

When folks talk about Lexington Green these days, they are not referring to the 1775 Battle at Lexington Green, but rather the new face of green in town – Lexington Place at the Center. These groundbreaking condominiums have generated an eco-friendly buzz, not only for their goal of Silver LEED certification but in their contemporary view of smart growth within a historically traditional New England town.

Located at 50 Waltham Street in Lexington, Lexington Place at the Center is a 30 condominium community offering the latest in eco-friendly technologies, crafted with energy-efficient design and materials – all the while creating central downtown living with convenient access to all town features by foot or bike. In addition, amenities such as virtual concierge, fitness facility, living/club room, and much more will be offered for those with not only ecocentric but distinctive tastes. With over a third of the residences sold and completion set for May 2009, it’s obvious that this type of forward-thinking mission is a high priority for many condominium buyers in Lexington and beyond.

Lexington Place at the Center ( offers buyers the opportunity to become a pioneer in green living, with the environment at the forefront and the human community at its core.

To learn more about Lexington Place at the Center and this environmentally friendly project in the heart of historic downtown Lexington, please contact:

Lexington Place at the Center Sales Office
Phyllis Reservitz, 781-402-1725
25 Waltham Street, Lexington, MA 02451

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