I wonder if Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon ever found themselves on the same elevator at the Ritz.  Odds are, yes.  Public information has them both living in the Ritz Towers, Mr. Damon on the 34th floor, Mr. Ramirez in a penthouse, above.

Manny probably hasn’t had to endure the water balloon drops that Johnny & wife-deux have unleashed upon unsuspecting pedestrians, below (as reported in his “auto”-biography).

Unfortunately, Johnny is on his way out of Boston, at least, if he passes his physical.

The big topic of the day?  Not, who will replace him at center field but, will he sell his home at the Ritz?

I’ll say one thing about baseball players – they make big paychecks, but they pay top dollar for their homes, as well.  According to public information, they both paid top dollar for their digs.

And, that’s not a good place to be, selling in a down market, let me tell you that.

(Or did the Yankees make a deal, guaranteeing a sale price?  It’s happened before.)

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Updated: January 2018



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