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Updated: January 2018

Painting a Boston Condo.

Last night, one of my friends was painting her Boston condo to spruce it up so she can list her property on the market for sale. Around 11pm last night, she called and asked me: “John help me. Ick! How do I get stray brush hairs off a newly painted wall?” I told her relax have a glass of Chardonnay and I’ll be over in a little while.

The funny episode below, from 1970’s Odd Couple is a classic example of my friends problem:

Believe it or not this is a common occurrence when condo owners decide to paint their own property. My recommendation that I gave her was from a source I found on the internet:

Take some medium grit oxide sandpaper (or fine grit if your walls are not flat painted) and just barely run it over the hairs. This should easily remove them. If there are lots of them, then you can purchase a drywall sanding head, attach it to a sanding pole, and gently whisk it over your walls. This should remove the majority of the hairs. If you see any areas that have been dulled from sanding with too much pressure, you can simply touch up paint those spots, which takes very little time. Just don’t repaint with that same roller 🙂 Listed below are a few tips you should keep in mind when painting your Boston condominium.

Boston condo owner painting your own property please read about mistakes to avoid when painting:
Boston condo painting mistakes

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