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In reaction to the post and Herald story linked immediately below, a reader writes in:

Sorry, press is still getting the story wrong. Commercial use is still prohibited.

New regs are on the way — and the current permitting process is long and expensive, with zero guarantee of approval. To date, one commercial permit issued — after spending millions of dollars and several years on the permit process.

The National Association of Realtors put out a statement reminding realtors it’s still not legal and to stop using drones. Then they linked to an FAA page that basically says “yes, its prohibited, and yes, we’re going to regulate it.”

And here’s what the FAA says: The agency occasionally discovers such operations through the news media or postings on internet sites. When the FAA discovers UAS operations in violation of the FAA’s regulations, the agency has a number of enforcement tools available to address these operations, including a verbal warning, a warning letter, and legal enforcement action.

Here’s more from the FAA on its drone policy.

Notice how it dances around the assertion that the US is falling behind other countries in the use of drones, saying the US airspace is busy, busy, busy. But the fact is other countries are pushing ahead of the US on this business and technological front.

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Boston condos

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Updated: December 2017

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