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From the Globe, today:

Dear Barry,

When we had our home inspection, the seller was present during the entire process. We never felt free to converse candidly with our inspector. Shouldn’t the inspector or our agent have asked the seller to excuse himself during the inspection? — Michael

My answer: Yes.

I’m not sure why the buyers didn’t ask their agent to ask the other agent to ask his or her client to leave.

Shy, I guess.

No doubt, the sellers thought they were doing everyone a favor by showing up at the inspection – help out by offering advice or information, if and when problems were found.

Better that the sellers go out for coffee, then ask to see a copy of the home inspection, after it’s all written up, and respond, later.

The home inspector wasn’t responsible for what was going on, he or she will do the same quality job, regardless of who’s watching or commenting.

More: Seller’s presence at inspection creates stress – By Barry Stone, Inman News by way of The Boston Globe

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Updated: January 2018

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