Boston Properties and Avalon Bay Communities have proposed two new buildings for their land near the Prudential Tower, in Boston’s Back Bay.

According to the Boston Business Journal:

The $192 million proposal calls for a 30-story residential high-rise on Exeter Street across from the Boston Public Library, according to documents filed with the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

The project also calls for the construction of an office building at 888 Boylston St., adjacent to the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention. The BRA had approved an 11-story building at the site, but the developer has told officials that the building needs to be taller to attract anchor tenants.

There is already resistance from some residents of the Back Bay. There is an organization called Prudential Project Advisory Committee (PruPAC) which is made up of neighbors and residents of the area, which has had an historical role in creating a master plan for the Prudential Plaza.

Posing a question, Sen. Marty Walz had the following to say:

“Do we want a 32-story building across the street from the Boston Public Library?” Walz asked. “That’s twice the height of the Lenox Hotel. That location makes sense for housing, but it appears the architects were being unduly timid in their approach and could design a more beautiful building. The architects are missing an opportunity to create something that fits into an architecturally diverse Pru Center.”

Yes, Ms Walz, we do.

Thanks for asking!

(It’s unclear what she’s against – I assume the height, but based on her comments, is it the design? Well, that can be fixed, easily!)

Source: Proposal for Pair of Towers Causes Some Growing Pains – By Thomas Grillo, Banker & Tradesman (subscription required)

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