Boston Real Estate for Sale

From the Future of Real Estate Marketing blog comes this humorous take on real estate advertising language. Here are some of the better ones:

  • Old charmer – an old and ugly house
  • Low maintenance lot – no yard; the kids will have to play in the street
  • Meticulously maintained in the original condition – the appliances are 50 years old
  • Ready to move in – the interior has been painted with one coat of cheap paint
  • Desirable neighborhood – this little house is extravagantly overpriced because the neighborhood hasa snobbish reputation
  • Bedroom in basement – basement has a 1′ by 2′ window
  • Build sweat equity – the house is not inhabitable
  • Quiet neighbors – the home backs to a cemetery
  • Cozy bathroom – you can shower while sitting on the toilet
  • Won’t last! – this property will never sell as the agent just jinxed it
  • Unique – it’s weird, just weird

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