Boston Real Estate Market 2022:  Trends and Rules Amid COVID-19

The pandemic isn’t over in 2022. We are all tired of it. Wearing masks indoors and in certain public places is required in downtown Boston. And it seems from the local news more and more individuals ae being infected with the newest strain.

Boston Condo Buyers and Sellers Remember:

  • Individuals, regardless of vaccine status, at City-Controlled Property: Must wear a face-covering indoors at all times. Employees who are not in a congregate setting and are alone in their assigned workspace may refrain from wearing a face covering.
  • Individuals are not required to wear a face-covering while outdoors, unless at an activity specifically designated and posted by the City as requiring a face covering.
  • Bars and Restaurants Licensed by the City of Boston: Must require all Individuals to wear a face-covering indoors at all times when social distancing of at least 6 feet is not maintained, except for temporary removal of face-covering when eating or drinking. And will soon require proof of vaccination
  • All Businesses: Strongly encouraged to continue to require that all individuals, regardless of vaccine status, wear a face-covering indoors at all times when social distancing of at least 6 feet is not maintained.

Boston condos for Sale and Boston Apartments for Rent

In the Boston condo for sale market, we had a kind of protocol in place during most of the first two years of the pandemic. We asked our clients to wear masks when touring Boston condos for sale and Boston Beacon Hill apartment viewings and we asked that only the buyers or decision makers tour homes in person. There was a whole protocol for sanitizing door knobs for those who believe that doorknobs pose a threat.

Most if not all of Ford Realty Inc., Boston condos for sale that are on the market have hand sanitizer and some had masks near the front door.

We had rules about having too many people in the Back Bay or Beacon Hill condo for sale at a time.

Boston Condos for Sale and the Bottom Line

If you are selling your home or buying a condominium you may wish to take some precautions. You can ask your agent to wear a mask. Most agents will. You can also request a private showing or even a video tour.

I let my clients know that I am fully vaccinated and boosted and wear a mask when I am in any Boston condo for sale or viewing a Boston Beacon Hill apartment for rent.

Let’s have a safe and healthy third year of the pandemic.

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From Zillow:

We’ve all been there this year — toddlers interrupting Zoom meetings, daydreaming for more space, and shamelessly feeding sourdough starter kits. 2020 has changed the way we live in and outside our homes.

As people rethink their homes’ functionality after spending more time in them, features we never knew we needed — such as a home gym or no-touch appliances — are more important than ever. While public health precautions continue to keep us at home, these features will only become more popular to create spaces that keep our families safe, all while providing an oasis of comfort.

Driven by this new COVID era, Zillow shares the top 10 home trends for 2021 that will not only add comfort but might even add extra value to your home.

Boston Real Estate ‘Zoom Rooms’

Zillow survey found a desire for a home with a dedicated office tops the list of reasons why Americans working from home say they would consider a move, if they were to continue working remotely at least occasionally. In 2021, people will receive more clarity from their employers about the ability to telecommute moving forward, which could trigger a move to a home with more space.  And, as people tire of working from a kitchen table, they will be wanting a more permanent — and quiet — solution for their at-home desk.

As of November, the number of listings mentioned “home office” or “Zoom room” increased by 48.5% compared to the same time last year. Pennsylvania home builder Berks Homes also says requests for an at-home study in lieu of existing living space more than doubled this year.

Boston Real Estate ‘Homecation’ Amenities

With lots of time and nowhere to go, homeowners are coming up with creative solutions to create vacation-vibes right at home. “Pool” was the top Zillow keyword search term in 2020. “Waterfront” and “dock” also landed in the top ten. Additionally, homeowners may be looking for big and small ways to create a luxury experience at home, from upgrading to a spa-like bathtub or relaxing rain shower. Zillow’s research shows home buyers paid more for amenities that make their home feel like a retreat. Listings that mentioned a free-standing tub typically sold for 5.5% more than expected, while the listing keyword “spa-inspired” contributed to a 1.8% price premium.

The rise of remote work will allow more homeowners to turn their favorite vacation destination into their hometown. Pageviews of for-sale listings in areas typically considered vacation destinations – such as Key West, the Jersey Shore, and Cape Cod — are up nearly 50% compared to last year.

Boston Real Estate Intergenerational Living

An intergenerational living will rise in popularity as young adults and grandparents alike find themselves moving in with family for financial and health reasons. According to Generations United, about one in six Americans currently live in multigenerational households, and this year, the share of young people moving back home reached all-time highs as more Millennials and Gen Z’ers than ever – particularly renters – found themselves packing their bags and moving back in with their parents.

Katie Detwiler, Chief Experience Officer at Berks Homes says this trend is manifesting in how people are designing new construction homes, with more requests than ever before for a finished basement with a full bathroom, and bedroom additions.

Boston Real Estate Gourmet Kitchens

This year inspired people to break out of their old baking habits and start new hobbies in the kitchen, and in 2021 homeowners will want to level-up from their sourdough obsession to create other culinary masterpieces. A previous Zillow survey finds 41% of people value a well-equipped kitchen more than before as a result of social distancing recommendations — and more people will want the space to show off their new culinary skills in the next year.

“We’ve seen an increase in requests for gourmet kitchens,” says Katie Detwiler, Berks Homes’ Chief Experience Officer. “This includes bigger cabinets and island additions so homeowners have the space they need to cook their gourmet meals.” Berks Homes has seen more than 100 more requests for alternate kitchens and island additions this year compared to last.

Boston Real Estate Backyard Oasis

A yard that is safe and functional has taken on renewed importance — a Zillow survey from the Harris Poll found that 41% of people say they value a large outdoor space more as a result of social distancing recommendations.

There are many easy upgrades to make a backyard a relaxing oasis the whole family can enjoy, and in tandem, increase the resale value of your home. Zillow’s research finds homes mentioning “firepit” in the listing sold for 2.8% more than similar homes, and “outdoor kitchen” sold for 4.5% more. Smart sprinkler systems and outdoor lighting are other features that add a contemporary flair to a backyard that also helps your home sell up to 15 days faster than expected.

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