I think you should buy a home if you want a place to live that’s yours. Your decision shouldn’t be based on whether housing prices are going up or (in theory) going down. I think that’s kind of silly.

I mean, who are you, Alan Greenspan Ben Bernanke? You’re going to time everything so you buy at just the right time? There is no right time, except for when you want to live in your own home. Interest rates go up, housing prices come down, and, to a certain extent, your COST per month stays the same.

You eat a fluffernutter peanut butter and jelly sandwich because you’re hungry.

You buy a pair of pants when your current pair is ripped to shreds.

(Er, unless you’re a teenager, then you buy more ripped jeans.)

You buy a home because you want a place to live.


I feel that, most of the time, people who are interviewed for stories about renting vs. buying will NEVER buy, they are habitual fence-sitters.

The Globe ran a story about rents, and how they’re going up, and interviewed a 36-year old man who decided to rent, instead of buy, because he couldn’t “get over the fact I felt I was being completely ripped off by the building industry.”

Anyway, the point of this post is, there comes a time in everyone’s life where he or she decides it’s too much a pain in the neck to rent. Or, should I say, too much a pain in the neck TO LOOK for a place to rent.

As this woman found out:

An Exercise in Futility…

To say the apartment hunt isn’t going so well would be an understatement. At this point, finding the holy grail would be easier. It doesn’t help that we have a lot of requirements for our small budget and the market isn’t as soft as it has been the last few years.

But, what’s more frustrating than the lack of apartments that meet our demands, are the annoying, and often odd, Realtors.

It’s a very funny story. Click on the headline to read more.

I agree, totally. I think the vast majority of rental agents are absolutely horrible. And, yes, I do consider them to be in a different business from real estate sales agents.

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