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This must be Gentrification Day at Boston Real Estate Blog.

No sooner had we hit “publish” on the post below about Somerville’s gentrification moves, we noticed this front page story in the NYT about how a number of cities, including Boston, are trying to curb the effects of gentrification on long-time neighborhood residents.

What really caught our eye was this graf:

In Boston, which an analysis by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland last year found had the highest gentrifying pressure in the nation — followed by Seattle, New York, San Francisco, Washington and Atlanta — concluded that about one-fourth the city’s population lived in gentrifying neighborhoods.

Hmmm. And sure enough, here’s the Cleveland Fed’s report, putting Boston at the top in the gentrification-pressures trends.

The author makes a statistical case that gentrification is not really the bad sociological monster that it’s made out to be by some.

Then again, tell that to someone who wants to stay in their old neighborhood and can’t because of high prices.

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Boston condos

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Updated: December 2017

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