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Just one of many responses to the Church of Scientology’s purchase of the site of the Alexandra Hotel:

“This must be a sign of the apocalypse,” said Christos Hamawi of the Worcester Square Area Neighborhood Association (WSANA), in an e-mail to members.

“This derails any progress that would happen on that block, since they are sure to use the storefront for their church, rather than for retail or restaurant that would encourage the development of the remaining block and beyond … While this may indeed save the building’s exterior, it will kill the building’s spirit and destroy any progress to our neighborhood.”

Well, one thing’s for sure. It’s going to be a year or more before the exterior is restored, at all. New architectural plans will need to be drawn up and submitted to local and municipal boards, and construction planned and completed.

I am optimistic, though, that it will end up being a nice looking building. And, having activity of any sort on that corner will be a benefit.

Even Scientologists eat out in restaurants. This is good news for the neighborhood.

And, let’s be serious. All they need to do is be seen walking dogs or pushing strollers, and they’ll fit right in.

Source: Alexandra Hotel Plan Critics, Skeptics Surface – By Thomas Grillo, Banker & Tradesman

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