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Real estate broker commissions

Description: A survey to find out what readers think about real estate broker commissions.

Question : In one sentence, please tell me, why you would or would NOT use a real estate agent to sell a home.

I think I can do it myself / Too expensive

I can show the home myself. I would be willing to pay a commission to the buyer’s broker

too easy to sell online

Commission % for average home/condo is unjustified given the man-hours and expenses.

too expensive

I would not use an agent because I am framiliar with the community where I live (pricing, advertising, schools, etc)

rookie, never done it before

Now that most sellers are doing much of the home searches online commissions in the U.S. are way to high in many areas – they should be 1.5-2% like in Great Britain.

I don’t have the time and experience to list my owm home

I would try to sell it on my own at first to save the $20K they would charge

Agent would be better at showing a property to others and negotiating when necessary.

5% commissions are ridicluous

my time is still more valuable to me

I wouldn’t want to deal with all the work myself.

The expensive is greater than the value added (in my particular case)

I think that the only way I would not use an agent is if I couldn’t afford it (i.e., I was “under water” on my loan).

They are shady

Probably would because what is in your interest is probably in theirs as well

I work full time and would like someone to handle showings and other aspects of the process for me.

wound not. Do not want to pay commision

Find a broad array of buyers; deal with buyers; get max value for house

I would use a real estate agent to facilitate the process faster

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Updated: January 2018

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