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The Los Angeles Times released a poll today, and the results are a bit troubling.

They asked a bunch of people, how much will your home’s value appreciate over the next three years.

49% of respondents replied: 5%-15%
19% of respondents replied: 16%-30%
6% of respondents replied: 31% or more
5% of respondents replied: will not appreciate
9% of respondents didn’t know what they thought

Okay, that’s a bit too optimistic. For one thing, prices this year, if they appreciate at all, will come back down, and stagnate, where they are now.

In the following two years, I think you’ll only see increases a bit higher than the rate of inflation – home prices going up by maybe 3% per year.

The 19 percent of respondents who think prices will increase more than 15% are in for a big disappointment, and the 6 percent of respondents who expect an increase of 31% or more are completely out of touch with reality.

I mean, really.

Complete article: Homeowners Expect Prices to Keep Rising – By Tom Petruno and Kathy M. Kristof, The Los Angeles Times

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Updated: January 2018

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