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All you naysayers are wrong about the RKG, I am happy (and surprised) to report.

Walking through there, earlier this afternoon, I was pleased with what I saw. Mostly.

Some photos, plus short, pithy comments above each photo.

(I am serious that it’s getting better. Plenty of people walking through there. Plus it’s clean. And, the greenery is coming nicely. And, if you’re one to criticize it as being “underused” I have a question for you … have you been through the Boston Common lately?)

This is one of several stones across from the Christopher Columbus Park. Very smart idea. The description is a bit misleading (re: inaccurate). The Central Artery did not “replace” the Atlantic Ave elevated; they went two different places and the bridge could have remained, since it was beside the Central Artery, not below it.

If you walk down the Rose Kennedy Greenway (or as I sarcastically call it, the Rose Kennedy Parkway), all of your senses get to enjoy themselves. Here, a crowd crosses from Faneuil Hall to the waterfront while listening to the smooth sounds of a busker strumming “All Along The Watchtower” on his guitar. (It took me a minute to recognize the song, but that was more my fault than his.)

I love when little children run into fountains and urinate and put the stream up their private parts. It’s part of what makes living in the city such a joy. Fortunately, here you get to enjoy the smells of the city, as well – in this case, a very very strong chlorine smell (thank G-).

Adven-Tours tour – fun! Remember to always wear helmuts!

Senses working overtime! Hearing, smell … and here, seeing. This woman was suffering from what looked to be an extreme case of diabetes, her legs swollen beyond belief. Added bonus: she was [edited] while I walked by.

In front of the Rowes Wharf hotel. A bit less-traveled, this bit. Not the fault of designers, I don’t think, it’s just that there aren’t any attractions nearby. No doubt this path is well-used during rush hour, when business people head to the wharf to pick up ferries, going south.

Near the InterContinental Hotel and Residences.

Okay, this wasn’t so good. Merry Christmas.

This ain’t so good, either. Too much brick, or whatever it is. Again, though, there is little around here to attract a crowd, regardless. It’s not like if it was covered in grass that people would just run to it.

The most green area of the Greenway, near Chinatown. And, perhaps surprising, the most underused. One guy drinking out of a Budweiser can (how you say “Bud” in Flemish, I don’t know), a girl on a cellphone, and two guys grab-assing each other (who knew?), and that was about it. Pretty, but what’s the point?

Near Chinatown. Lost chances, broken dreams. Underused? Never-to-be-used, more like it.

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