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Ever driven down the Rose Kennedy Greenway Parkway and wondered, why is there all this open space, where you might assume there’d be some trees or grass, maybe a building or two?

Yeah, me too.

None of the proposed buildings for the stretch of land are anywhere near breaking ground. The landscape is littered with as many broken promises as it is with discarded Dunkin’ Donuts cups.

You didn’t think things could go any slower? Wrong.

According to today’s Globe:

Daniel Neuman, touted as the leader who would open the doors to the New Center for Arts and Culture, a cultural anchor on the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, is leaving after less than two years on the job …

In addition … [Ronald Druker] said yesterday he is stepping down as board chairman to be replaced by Paula L. Sidman, whose late husband, Edwin, was the center’s founding chairman. Druker said he will stay involved.

Meanwhile, down the road, the Boston Museum project continues to kick up dust. The Globe article includes the nugget of news that, of the $120 million (down from the original $190 million) needed for the project, a grand total of $7 million has been raised.

I’m sorry, calling it the Parkway is even being too kind. From now on, I’m calling it the Rose Kennedy Dustbowl.

Budding arts center will lose its leader; Departure not expected to derail Greenway project – By Geoff Edgers, The Boston Globe

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