Rambling Thoughts

I installed a skylight in my Beacon Hill apartment. The people who live above me are furious.


An apartment renter was sending me a fax. You’re sending me something via fax? What is it, an apartment rental lease from 1993?


When writing a Boston Real Estate Blog post, I was told to leave out superfluously
redundant words that are not needed.


I hate when I see an old person and then realize
I went to high school with them.


Every day I receive emails from people who want to write articles for this site or they want me to mention their business or add a link to an article or page.

Up until a couple of years ago, I answered these emails. It wasn’t unusual for the same person to send me several emails “following up”, or “circling back” or asking for a response in some other way. Yet today, I don’t respond.

As far as I know, I have never sent anyone an unwanted email and I have never sent an email and demanded a response.

I respond to the emails I receive from people who want my help buying or selling a Boston condo or renting a Boston Beacon Hill apartment , unless they are a prince who is trying to get millions of dollars out of his country.

No, I do not have to respond to anyone and everyone who sends email. Part of the reason I have this site is so that people can find me or ignore me as they please.


Wild forest fires on the West Coast, hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico and catastrophic floods are raging all around us. These natural phenomena would normally happen every 10 or 20 years. The fact that they are becoming annual events should be alarming to even the most ardent skeptics. With over two months to go to the end of the hurricane season, the National Weather Bureau has already run through its annual names for storms and has begun using the Greek alphabet instead

In spite of near unanimous agreement among scientists about global warming, climate change and overall threats to our environment, a substantial segment of the population remains unconvinced. “Alternative facts” abound in our polarized world and justify inaction. The results are squandered opportunities and missed chances to make the world a better place and a healthier home for future generations. 

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