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The Globe profiles Roslindale, which apparently is a part of the city of Boston (annexed in 1873). It is a neighborhood of Boston (the Globe makes this confusing by reporting that Roslindale is “7 miles from Boston”).

To some, living in Roslindale would be the equivalent of living in the suburbs, or New Hampshire, even. It seems so far away.

It’s not. To put this into perspective, suppose you lived in Manhattan. If you worked on Wall Street and lived on the Upper West Side, that’s a distance of nine miles.

No one complains about having to travel nine miles to work in Manhattan, yet to some people who want to rent or own in Boston, if they have to live in an outer neighborhood such as Hyde Park, Roslindale or West Roxbury, they feel it’s somehow unfair. They think they are entitled to living in the Back Bay.

When people talk about the high cost of housing in Boston, they almost always are talking about the downtown area.

I suggest that people learn to expand their horizons, and consider the outer neighborhoods when looking to buy or rent. If you can find a property near a commuter rail, bus line, or subway line, then you should be happy out there.

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