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When Scampo at the Liberty Hotel reopened Tuesday, Sept. 1, after a nearly six-month respite due to the pandemic, Lydia Shire, the James Beard award-winning celebrity chef and owner, could be found working the dessert station as a pastry chef.

“I’m going back to my old time,” said Shire, who will remain working at this post for the foreseeable future. “People can come up to the dessert station and say ‘hi’ to me. We’re going back to our roots, like we’re opening up the restaurant up new.”

Beacon Hill Real Estate

Beacon Hill Real Estate

Scampo’s staff spent two weeks “cleaning every inch of the restaurant,” Shire said, before she sat down with them all last Friday to give them a tutorial on the new menu in what resembles a classroom setting. The menu, which changes four times each year with the seasons, offers 31 returning and new dishes this time, as opposed to the 55 different dishes it typically boasts.

Source: Beacon Hill Times

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