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Selling your home is really really hard and almost impossible. Being a real estate agent takes the skill and intelligent similar to being a cardiologist or Nobel Prize-winning scientist. It’s really really hard to sell your home, and, especially in this market, near impossible.

I’m joking!

All you really have to do is price your house right, and it will sell itself.

Well, not exactly true, I guess. Actually, there are three things you need to do in order to sell your home.

Two are within your control, one is not.

From today’s Globe:

“You need three ingredients to sell in this market,” said James Gibbons of RE/MAX Landmark Realtors in Stoughton. “The house has to be in a good location. Second, it has to be in great condition, which wasn’t necessarily a factor three or four years ago. And the most important factor is price. You have to be, in a nutshell, the best property out there in the price range you’re in.”

Selling your home isn’t hard at all. I’m serious. Yes, getting the word out about your home is important – that’s what the local Multiple Listing Service is for, right? And, yes, on occasion, open houses can help.

Beyond that, just do the obvious: make your home look brand new, or “like new”. Get rid of all the crap you have laying around, paint the trim around the doorways, scrub the countertops. That’s about it.

And, price it right.

Ask too much in a down market and you may lose – By Vanessa Parks, The Boston Globe

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