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Lead capture is a big thing in the Boston real estate market. The idea is to capture or collect email addresses and phone numbers from potential buyers and sellers. Sometimes the email addresses are put into what marketers call a “drip-email campaign: so that Boston real estate agents can keep in touch with you and provide you with the newest Boston condos for sale that came on the market and also for apartment renters ae well. And there is nothing wrong with this, hey, I do it myself.

Real estate lead generation and lead capture is big business

However, some large companies usually, at the top of Google searches, just capture the names and email addresses and sell them to someone else unbeknownst to you.

Lead generation and lead capture is big business. Just last week one of the largest real estate website companies told me that he has fresh leads to sell. I am not sure what he meant by fresh. I have a couple of clients right now, I guess who could be described as fresh. And they know who they’re dealing with me or one of my agents. I don’t buy or sell leads. Personally, I think its a little tacky.

The faces you see next to Boston condos for sale may not be the listing agent

The faces next to Boston condos for sale on these nationally popular web sites may be agents who know nothing about the property or even the neighborhood, they just paid for an ad.  There isn’t anything wrong with advertising in fact if real estate agents did not spend money on advertising on the internet the popular real estate websites would not have money to develop the sites and make a profit. 

I occasionally hear stories from people who later become my clients about how they found the Beacon Hill condo for sale on a national real estate website and contacted the agent next to the condominium for sale only to find that the agent does not know anything about it. The agent tries to get the potential buyer interested in another home that is located in an area that they do know.

Boston Real Estate for Sale and the Bottom Line

There isn’t anything wrong with working with an agent who captures leads but the Boston real estate company that spends the most money on these national real estate websites with the best system for capturing leads may not be the most knowledgable and experienced agent or the right agent for you.  One of the best ways to find the right agent is to ask friends, family, and check Google Reviews for past clients. Also, ask the Boston real estate broker if they can call your past clients for a recommendation. 

Once an agent is recommended contact that agent and ask them about their experience working with people like you. If you do not feel any connection to Boston real estate company or agent look for another.  Buyers who are looking for real estate brokers for the downtown Boston real estate market should check the office address and phone number and fins how long they have been in business. Also, check how many social-reviews they have. if less than 10 be very suspicious. Anybody can find a few individuals to provide a few reviews.

At Ford Realty we’ve been involved in the Boston real estate market for over 20 years, mostly with the same staff. Check out our Google Reviews here

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