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Boston Back Bay condos

Boston Back Bay luxury condos

Simon Property Group is proposing an increase in residential units at its planned new tower over Copley Place.

The project would now include 433 apartments and 109 condos, up by 224 residential units over previous plans. The total height of the tower will be remain the same, but the number of floors would increase from 47 to 52, largely by cutting down on individual-floor heights, one assumes.

One other change we’d like to see: Just make it more beautiful. Some of the past designs we’ve seen are truly hideous, including apparent use of intentionally dark tinted glass that reminded us of some horror-show architecture you might see in New Haven or Detroit.

Lighter tinted glass has been cropping up in later renditions (see above), signaling slight improvements. But you still have to wonder. This isn’t a project that can afford to whiff on the design. It’s going to be front and center and dominate one of the city’s most beautiful squares.

It’s somewhat comforting to know that Elkus Manfredi Architects of Boston is involved. They’ve designed some great buildings in Boston in the past. Let’s hope they can get the designs to a point where they’re more generally pleasing to the eye, rather than depressing to the eye.

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