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A couple weeks ago, the Globe had a special report on Boston in the year 2017. It was mildly interesting – a bit vague but somewhat inclusive of a lot of things – maybe of interest only to real estate agents and tourism officials?

Not every reader was happy with the coverage.

The package “Boston 2017” (May 27) made much of a billion dollars on arts, a billion on biotech, and ambitious new bus lines, but it didn’t have one mention of whether anyone will be able to afford to live in Boston in 10 years. Even in the midst of a housing slump, rent and real estate prices are driving away young families, artists, entrepreneurs, and middle-income workers. What are the visionaries of today doing to solve that problem?


Hmmm. I dunno. Nothing?

Maybe they’re assuming these people will move out of Boston into neighboring towns and cities … for example, Somerville?

Source: Boston in 2017 – The Boston Globe

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