South Boston neighbors’ tiff prompts a cry of nepotism

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A local couple finds out that getting things done in South Boston can be difficult, especially for new arrivals.  They want to put an extra parking spot behind their home, but annoyed their neighbor, who is a relative of a city councilor, and their request is, suspiciously, denied.

By Andrea Estes, Globe Staff

Amanda and Marc Pezzuto plunked down $780,000 for a condo on P Street in South Boston’s east end. With four decks, cherry floors, and stunning ocean views, it was to be their home for years to come.

They were planning to move in on July 19, but there is one small difficulty. They learned two weeks ago that the neighbors behind them, Thomas P. and Jean Flaherty, want the right to regularly use the Pezzutos’ driveway to get to their backyard, where they want to park their cars. The Pezzutos’ condo association refused.

Then the neighbors, who are the aunt and uncle of City Council President Michael F. Flaherty, allegedly told the Pezzutos they would do everything they could to make sure the city denied Amanda Pezzuto’s request to park an additional car at the property.

They said, ‘If you’re not going to give us ours, you’re not going to get yours,’ and stormed out of the driveway,” she said. ”Those were the last words they said.”

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