Cute article in today’s Boston Globe about the renaming of neighborhoods.

Presumably, people first started renaming neighborhoods for a reason – to make it easier to know where they were talking about.

Unfortunately, it’s now become nothing more than a marketing ploy.

The reporter for this story called me for comment.  I gave her lots of great information (much of which made its way into the article), but my name appears nowhere in the story.  My pride is hurt!

By Lisa Wangsness, Boston Globe

Faster than you can say loft-style condos, the SoHo-ization of Boston is at hand.

First, the industrial section south of Washington Street in the South End became SoWa. Then, a few daring souls tried calling South Boston SoBo.

Now, an aspiring real estate investor wants to turn East Boston into EaBo. A new restaurant in the North End is called Nebo. Another new development, SoHa Lofts (South of Harrison Avenue off of Albany Street) has sprung up in — yes — SoWa. SoCo Lofts, a condo building near Massachusetts and Columbus avenues, is coming soon.

Complete article: SoWa? Eabo? Boston plays name game

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