If you want to list your Boston condo for sale this year, start the process as soon as possible. And this is the perfect place to begin your journey. All this month I will be providing you with valuable tools and advice to help you get started with listing your Boston condo for sale this year.

Set objectives

At our first meeting we will establish your objectives for the sale. Are you relocating out of the area or are you looking to upgrade and stay in Boston Beacon Hill area? Do you have a specific timeline and/or sales price that you are concerned about? We will go through all these issues and set our objectives for your Boston condo sale.


Next is the walk-through of your home. Before the walk-through, I will have done some research on your Boston downtown neighborhood and nearby comparable sales, and have a ball-park listing price in mind. But that’s just the beginning, there are many other factors and realities of your specific home that will affect the listing price. Also at the walk-through, we will discuss what repairs, updates, and improvements are recommended. At the end of this meeting we’ll have a plan and a basic idea of our timeline to having your Boston Seaport condo listed for sale.

The plan

I’ll take all the information we discussed during the walk-through and create a written checklist and timeline that maps out our steps to listing your home. We’ll plan out the repairs and updates you have agreed to as well as who’s completing them and the timeline to get them done. I’m happy to research contractors to do the work, if needed. I’ve found that the more work we do to the home on the front end to update and make repairs, the more buyers will trust you and trust that you’re not hiding problems from them.

Let’s talk marketing

When showing your Boston condo for sale and talking to prospective buyers and other Realtors® about it, I love to be able to tell the story of your home and how you have used it and enjoyed it. I’ll ask you to walk me through your favorite features of the home and how it lives. Armed with your home’s story we can plan for the photo/video shoot and begin working on marketing materials.

Time to schedule photo and video shoot

Once all the updates and maintenance items are done, it’s time to schedule the photographer and videographer of your Boston Seaport condo. I cannot understate how important high-quality photography and video is to selling a Boston midtown condo, so good preparation is key. I have a great checklist  that you can use when preparing for your home’s day in front of the camera. Once all the photographer and videographer is complete, it usually takes us about a week or two to get all the print and digital marketing materials ready.

Going live!

Once all the marketing materials are ready, we’re ready to go live with you listing. We’ll be doing showings and hosting open houses according to our agreed upon schedule until the offers begin coming in. Then the offer process begins.

Offer process

In preparation for negotiating an offer, call your mortgage bank to get an accurate payoff amount. Often sellers refer to their mortgage statement and assume the outstanding balance is the payoff amount; however, that statement fails to add in any additional interest that’s owed when you payoff the loan. Once we have an acceptable offer and a binding sales contract is signed, the buyer takes over to do their due diligence, appraisal, etc.

Well, there you have it! That’s our plan for listing your Boston Seaport condo. Are you ready to dive in?