I think I’m suffering from writer’s block. Well, that’s what they call in it in the newspaper industry. In the Blog world it’s called………. time to go to the local pub.

I’m right now in Harvard Gardens located in Beacon Hill, I just picked up the weekend Wall Street Journal. A song is playing in the background called “Slip, Slide and Away” But who cares, back to the Wall Street Journal, the article I’m reading is called “Fannie Mae Tests ‘Short Sales’ as Alternative to Foreclosures”

From the Wall Street Journal:

Fannie Mae is testing a new program to starve off foreclosures by preapproving “Short Sales” of homes, in which mortgage companies allow homeowners to sell houses for less than the value of existing loans, forgiving the difference.

Me – Thinking to myself, how can I use the Fannie Mae story from the Journal as a blog story

Background music- “you’re nearer to your destination, more you slip slide and away” 

Bartender – “Dude, you like the this song.”

Me – I prefer “Stairway to Heaven”

Bartender – You want another drink?

Me – No. I need to find something to blog about.

What’s the future of Fannie Mae? – Will they just, Slip Slide and Away.

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