As the coronavirus expands, Boston real estate agents are finding technology as a way to connect  Bostron condo buyers and sellers.

Mayor Walsh guidelines for social distancing have changed daily since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, with Boston real estate market adapting continuously to attempt to keep transactions moving.

Boston real estate for sale and Virtual Realty

Virtual reality and virtual tours provide a way for Boston condo buyers to search and view condominiums from their homes.

In this day and age of social distancing usually of keeping six feet from other people. Many areas have banned gatherings of more than 10 people at a time, which many open houses would violate. In addition, many people are staying away from other people in general for fear of getting the coronavirus.

Now that Boston real estate Open Houses my be a thing of the past in today’s enviromentment, Boston real estate companies are quickly increasing their use of virtual tools and training their agents to use them.

Boston real estate for sale and the bottom line

For now, this technology is meant to keep the process going and generate interest in Boston real estate for sale. 

Boston real estate for sale