The BBJ has a good list of the top 11 local business stories in ’11. We can’t argue with any of them.

But if we were to make the list longer, say, to 15 or 20 of the biggest stories in 2011, we’d include the slew of new apartment buildings being constructed in Boston and across of parts of eastern Massachusetts. It really is pretty amazing. It’s probably billions of dollars in new construction at this point.

We’d also include the housing market in general as being a top story, though the news coming out of the housing industry wasn’t startlingly new. Kind of more of the same. But housing got us into the current economic mess, and housing is going to be part of the solution to get us out of the mess.

And, last but not least, Massachusetts employers did add about 50,000 jobs to payrolls this past year, driving down the unemployment rate here to about 7 percent.

Santa wasn’t exactly showering us with economic presents in 2011. But there were still some goodies to be found. So we should be thankful.

File under: Merry Christmas!

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