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Most real estate agents work with both buyers and sellers. Not on the same deals, of course (although that’s allowed, it’s not preferred).

I see nothing wrong with this.

Some agents work only with buyers or sellers, either by design or by chance. I, for example, work only with buyers. I like working with buyers more than working with sellers. I think sellers require more hand-holding, for one thing (and I don’t have the patience).

Some agents get so many listings, they end up working just with sellers. (This is the best case scenario – owners tracking you down to sell their homes, so you never have to market yourself.)

I guess not everyone thinks it’s okay to work with both buyers and sellers. On the other side, some people think a good real estate agent needs to work with buyers and sellers.

Why work with an exclusive buyer’s agent?

Exclusive buyers agents can focus on their customers and their needs in a way many sellers agents can’t. They don’t have to spend their time holding open houses, staging properties, or doing all the other marketing tasks that consume much of a listing agent’s time. They can concentrate on previewing homes, investigating comparable houses, helping the buyer understand financing options, negotiating the deal and making sure all the inspections and escrow items are done in a timely manner.

It all comes down to the specific agent. If you are looking for an agent, the best thing to do is to use personal recommendations of friends and family.

Back up plan: use me.

More: Readers Respond: Using A Buyers Agent – By June Fletcher, The Wall Street Journal

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