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The Best colors to paint your new Boston Seaport Condo

Stark white walls are no longer the norm, and homes painted in darker hues now sell for more than their pale counterparts, according to a new report from Zillow.

Charcoal gray is apparently the color attracting the most buyers: Zillow found that dark gray walls — no matter which room in the home — are associated with higher offer prices.

For example, homes with dark gray kitchens can sell for up to $2,512 more than similar homes with lighter kitchen walls, while pewter gray kitchens can add up to $2,553 to the selling price. When it comes to living rooms and bedrooms, shades of dark gray can fetch up to $1,755 more than pales and neutrals.

“Buyers have been exposed to dark gray spaces through home improvement shows and their social media feeds, but they’re likely drawn to charcoal on a psychological level,” said color psychology specialist and interior designer Mehnaz Khan. “Gray is the color of retreat. As we come out of the pandemic and return to our hectic lives, buyers want home to be a refuge. They want to withdraw and escape from the uncertainty of the outside world, and rooms enveloped in dark gray can create that feeling of security.”

Not all shades of gray are quite as popular, though: Buyers are more likely to favor a black front door over one painted midtone gray (think the color of cement).

Another color that can boost selling price is terra-cotta brown, one of the 2023 colors of the year. Homes with terra-cotta bathrooms can sell for up to $1,624 more than those with plain colored bathrooms, Zillow found.

“Paint is a relatively affordable and easy change, yet it has an outsized impact on a buyer’s perception of the home,” said Amanda Pendleton, home trends expert at Zillow.

“People don’t buy homes every day, so they’re trying to quickly process a lot of complex information in an area where they don’t have a lot of experience. That uncertainty is likely why buyers rely on color as a powerful visual sign that a home is modern and up-to-date, or tired and needs maintenance. That first impression contributes to their overall feelings about a home and ultimately, how much they’re willing to pay for it.”

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Just bought a new Boston Seaport condo for sale?  Here’s what’s trending in 2021.


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Boston Real Estate Blog Post – Updated 2020

Boston condo market

Boston condo market

We’re not quite back to earth tones……yet!

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Orginal Boston Real Estate Blog Post – April 25, 2019

The Best colors to paint your new Boston Seaport Condo

Painter’s Association has chosen its favorite colors for 2019 presented by the top paint manufacturers. From the many selections of available shades, they have predicted the top color trends for interior design for your new Boston Seaport District condo

Boston condos Dark Greens

A dark green shade named “Night Watch” has been named PPG’s Color of the Year. A senior marketing manager with PPG says this shade was chosen because “the restorative power of nature is important in society now more than ever. Night Watch is about bringing the healing power from the outdoors into your Boston Seaport condo through color.” The survey reports that nature-inspired décor has become increasingly popular for interiors of Boston Seaport District condos. Homeowners and designers incorporate live plants, and dark greens create a bold look, especially when paired with neutrals like brown and black. Jewel tones and warm metals such as copper and gold add great contrast.

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Boston Condos Dusty Pinks

This year, bubblegum shades are being replaced by dusty pinks. Of the 42 shades that span six unique color palettes in Sherwin-Williams lates Colormix Color Forecast, dusty pink shades appear on three of them. The study predicts that dusty pinks will “soon be everywhere.” These shades are wonderful accent colors for an accent wall, throw pillows, or a piece of statement furniture. Contrast can be provided with plenty of white, or bold, rich reds or pale blues.

Boston Condos Warm Creams

Boston condo buyers see gray shades fading and predicts that warm creams are replacing them as the “perfect middle ground.” Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends for 2019 include “Cloud White” and “Balboa Mist.” These warm creams work well with warm neutrals like tans and brown and muted versions of blues and earth tones.

Boston Condos Medium Blues

Behr’s “Blueprint” is their 2019 Color of the Year. Erika Woelfel, Vice President of Behr’s Color and Creative Services says that this medium blue shade “provides a steady stream of positivity and is poised to be an instant classic for years to come.” Incredibly versatile, a medium blue can be neutral and stand with reds and yellows or be used as an accent color to liven up a more neutral palette.

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If you’re planning on buying a Boston Seaport District condo this year, let’s get together to start your Boston condo for sale search to ensure you can lock in these historically low rates today!

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